2009 Walk for Life Results

Hi friends and family!

Wow! We had a great Walk for Life this morning! The best ever as far as pledges go! I only added the sheets once, so I could have made a mistake, but if I did add correctly, we are sitting at approximately $24,800!!!! This is assuming that one of the sheets that came in early was not put into the mix of those from the Walk today. And I can account for around 89 people who came out to walk the walk today. However, many of the people who came brought friends or family, so on Monday the staff and I will put our heads together and see if we can get a closer count. I’m pretty sure there was over 100, which was our goal. Is God good or what!?!?!?

Okay, so how did the competition go? Looks like the staff won out over the board and the committee! However, one of the competitors wasn’t at the Walk today, so we will still have to tally his sheet to make sure! That’s the good news! The bad news (although it’s really great news!) is that Pastor Pete Bonnichesen from Belle Fourche and I always have a little private competition going, and he raised almost $900 more in pledges than I did. Like I said, it’s really great news! (However, watch out next year Pastor Pete!) I was just $200 short of meeting my goal of $1500. It’s kinda odd, because if I had reached my goal, we would have hit $25,000 overall! Who knows, maybe that extra $200 will come in yet!

Thanks again to everyone who supported the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center and/or me this year through the Walk for Life! Your prayers and pledges were amazing! Since you can’t out-give God, I can’t wait to hear how He pours back into your laps! Happy Mother’s Day to all you precious Moms! Enjoy your weekend!