Help Wanted!

Please pray!

We are on an urgent search for more Fundraising Committee members and Bella Volunteers!! We have been busy trying to prepare and plan for this years Bella Dessert Gala with a skeleton crew. It has become very clear that we are very understaffed and still lots left to do. If you are interested or know of someone who would be great at this contact us and join in!! I have such high hopes for the Gala and know the power of the Holy Spirit will work on every person involved and in attendance of the Gala!

Also we have been operating with 1-2 Client Advocate Volunteers a week. Down from 5 a week! Roxie and I are doing our best to pick up all the slack areas, but is compromising other areas that require our attention and time. Please pray that those called are able to hear the Lord tapping on their hearts, that their schedules would open up & allow them to help out, and pray that the full potential of this years event would come together.

Thank you dearly.

Psalm 145:18

In Christ,

Jodie Baxendale