Name Change Becomes Official

The Northern Hills Pregnancy Care Center no longer exists! We have officially, legally, and in every other way changed our name to the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center. After doing business as Bella for the past three years, it became evident that keeping the corporate name of Northern Hills Pregnancy Care Center was confusing, so the board decided to make Bella legitimate.

Why “Bella?” The primary reason has to do with marketing. It was suggested at a national pregnancy center workshop that we all con-sider renaming our organizations with names that appeal to the demographic we want to reach. In order to understand what appeals to young adults, attendees were instructed to purchase magazines that are bought by women in the age range we serve. In doing so, we noticed most “product” names were short, catchy, and easy to remember.  They also had a strange appeal. What does this mean? Think of the names; Ya-hoo, Google, and Twitter. They’re young, likeable, and unusual-but easy to remember.

With this in mind, several options were considered, but Bella was the one that kept coming back to us.

Bella means “beautiful” and we believe it expresses what our organization is all about. Every woman, man, and child served by Bella, has an inner beauty that is sometimes hidden by the scars of their circumstances. We believe it is our mission to draw out that inner beauty, along with the joy and hope that has often been obliterated by their crisis.

Each one of our clients has great value and worth because she or he is created in the image of God, and the same can be said of our volunteers and staff.

Our volunteers and staff have the inner beauty of Christ, who shines through them with love, care, and compassion toward those served by this ministry.

With this in mind, what better name could describe the ministry and mission of “Bella”?