Sponsor A Day

Sponsor A Day logoSponsor A Day is a fun way to honor a special day in your or a loved-one’s life and support the important work of the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center. Here’s how it works:

We took our annual projected budget and divided the expenses by 365 (days.) Included in the budget is everything from light bulbs to pregnancy tests to building payments. This comes to approximately $600 per day for operating expenses. We then divided the $600 by 12 months to break it down into monthly payments.

For just $50 per month, you can now sponsor a day of operations at Bella. We’ll pray for you on the special day you’ve sponsored, and if you like, send you an update of all the important things that happened that day or week. You can also sponsor 1/2 a day of operations for just $25 per month. You may want to memorialize a loved one or honor the date of a birthday, anniversary, or other special event in your life.

If you want to know more about Sponsor A Day, please call 605-642-4140 and ask for Kristen. Our heartfelt thanks to those who have already chosen to invest in the lives of young women, men, and their unborn babies through this important program.