Sponsor a Table

Bella’s 9th annual Dessert Gala will be held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center on Saturday, October 23, 2010.  Along with a banquet and an informative program, the 2010 Gala will feature a live ultrasound!

We are excited about presenting what our clients see when they view an ultrasound of their baby!  This valuable tool has been instrumental in the lives of so many of the women and men we serve.  With the help of ultrasound, women are bonding with their unborn children much earlier in their pregnancies, which contributes to better pre-natal care (especially with our teenage clients) and more life-choosing decisions for women who are initially undecided about their pregnancies.  Even boyfriends and husbands often experience greater feelings of connection to their baby upon seeing a real time picture of the child’s development.

Would you consider being a table sponsor this year? Purchase a table and invite seven other guests to join you at the Dessert Gala. Unable to attend? We can fill your table for you.

Click here to view the table sponsor brochure.

2010 Table Sponsor Brochure, page 1