The Client Advocate Role

When you consider the clients that present to the BPRC, that are in crisis at the thought of an unplanned pregnancy, are you also aware of the variety of situations that they are dealing with?

We often times are not just seeing girls/women in crisis for only a pregnancy, but we are now seeing more and more situations where they are coming from years of abuse, years of multiple partners, unknown STDs, years of destructive Depo-Provera birth control use, years of anti-depression/anti-anxiety medications, and/or  years of anorexia/bulimia.   Many of these women are trying to get pregnant, and want to have a baby…even at 16 years old.  They often report wanting someone in their life that will love them, someone that they can care for.

With the multitude of periphery issues, the job of crisis counseling is imperative.  The BPRC  Client Advocate is an integral and valuable role in establishing an opportunity to assist these clients.  To allow the Holy Spirit to work through them.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Client Advocate, please contact the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center for an application and for more information.