The Roof is Done!

Bella's new roof!The roofers got started last week and today we are happy to announce that the roof is done!! No more trucks parked outside, no more pounding, no more heavy footsteps over our heads, no more shaking light fixtures, no more shingles blowing off, and NO MORE LEAKING! Yay!!

We love the new look that our shingles have given our building. All we need now is to repaint the flashing and our building will look years younger!! Be sure to drive by and check it out!! (And if you like to paint, we would love to have your help with the flashing!)

Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who donated funds for the roof campaign!! We are also grateful to Pro-Build for donating a portion of the shingles and Downs Roofing for giving us a great deal on the labor. And we want to mention how fast and efficient Downs Roofing was in completing the job, and what a great job they did with clean-up throughout the project! We are very grateful for their conscientiousness every day they were here! Thanks everyone!!