End of the year stewardship opportunity – help Bella pay off the mortgage!

It is with humble hearts that we present a stewardship opportunity for your consideration. A few years ago, God laid it on the hearts of our Board of Directors to pay off Bella’s mortgage so the ministry could operate debt-free. Since then, we have considered several ways of approaching this, such as: a capital campaign, additional fundraising events, sponsorship of rooms, etc.

However, while campaigns and events can be successful, we feel that it is best to just openly and honestly let you know how we feel God is leading.

At this writing, we owe $110,022.45 on our mortgage. We have 13 years and one month left on a 15 year loan at 5.95% interest and are making monthly payments of $1109.63. Because a small corner of our building is in the flood zone, we are also paying $1060.00 per year for flood insurance.

If we were to pay off our loan, we would save $1197.96 per month. Over the next 13 years, we would also save $49,903.76 in interest!! Wow! Just think of what could be accomplished with these funds!! Many more women could be empowered with the information and support they need to carry their babies to term!!

Would you prayerfully consider giving Bella a special gift to apply to our mortgage? If just 110 people were to give $1,000, we would be debt-free. However, please know that gifts in any amount would be a tremendous blessing to the ministry!!

Thank you in advance for whatever you are able to do to help Bella and make our dream of being debt-free a reality! We are honored that you find this ministry worthy of your support!!

To make a donation through this website, simply click on the donation button below.

Visit our Give page to see the different ways you can give to support this project.