Mortgage Campaign Updates and Opportunities 2017-2018

2017-2018 Stewardship Opportunity - help Bella pay off the mortgage

A few years ago, God laid it on the hearts of our Board of Directors to pay off Bella’s mortgage so the ministry could operate debt-free. Since then, we have been moving steadily in that direction through direct mail appeals (in December 2014, 2015 and 2016) for funds to apply directly to the mortgage.

When we started the pay-off campaign in 2014, we owed $110,022.45 on the mortgage and had 13 years and one month left to pay on a 15 year loan at 5.95% interest. The first year, we raised $24,420 that was paid directly to the mortgage in addition to our $1109.63 monthly payments. The second year, we raised $6,192.77 which was also paid directly to the mortgage along with our regular monthly payments. Last year, we raised an additional $10,177.00.

At this writing, Bella’s mortgage now stands at only $42,358.76. This means that with the help of our faithful donors Bella’s entire debt has been reduced by over 61% in just three years. Wow! What an awesome testimony of the faithfulness of Bella’s wonderful supporters!

Our hope and prayer is to have the mortgage paid off within the next two years. To accomplish this, we will continue to prayerfully use direct mail appeal letters for the next two Decembers (2017-2018) with the goal of raising approximately $20,000 each year.

While direct mail appeals will be held this December and next, please be assured that any donations given to Bella throughout the year that are noted for the mortgage campaign will go directly to that purpose. Just think, if only 42 people would donate a $1,000 each, we could retire our mortgage earlier than planned. However, please know that gifts in any amount would be a tremendous blessing to the ministry!

Thank you in advance for whatever you are able to do to help Bella and make our dream of being debt-free a reality! We are honored that you find this ministry worthy of your support!!

To make a donation through this website, simply click on Give page to see the different ways you can give to support this project.