We paid off the mortgage!

2018 - The mortgage is paid off!

We did it! You and us, that is!! The last mortgage check was written on February 21, 2018 and Bella is now debt-free!! Your generous gifts to this campaign have meant the world to us!! Because of your generous support, we can now begin to invest the dollars that were being spent on the mortgage to what matters the most – our clients!

Replacing outdated curriculum in the Earn While You Learn program, expanding Bella’s Fatherhood program, providing post-abortion healing groups, and dedicating more staff hours to client services are just some of the ways we plan to utilize the savings.

When we began the mortgage payoff campaign in December, 2014 we owed $110,022.45 and had thirteen years and one month left to pay on a 15-year loan at 5.95% interest. Each year we were able to chisel away at the balance by requesting designated gifts in the month of December that were then applied to the principle of the mortgage. Now, just three short years (and three months) later, our goal has been met! Wow! What an awesome testimony of your faithfulness and dedication to Bella!

Thank you so much for your part in making our dream of being debt-free a reality!! We appreciate you and your support more than words could ever say!!