History of Bella Pregnancy Resource Center

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

In 1979, the Christian Action Council (a national pro-life organization founded in 1975 by Dr. and Mrs. Francis Schaeffer, Dr. and Mrs. C. Everett Koop, Dr. and Mrs. Harold O.J. Brown, and Ruth and Billy Graham) researched and developed a model for the Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC), a ministry to pregnant women.  The Christian Action Council was the first to create a distinctly evangelical ministry in this new mission field created by abortion.

In November of 1980, the first CPC opened in Baltimore.  Over the next five years the Christian Action Council helped over 250 CPC’s open in the United States and Canada.  There are now over 450 centers nationwide.  Christians from Japan, India, Africa, England, Europe, and Israel are modeling the CPC Program in their countries.

Northern Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center

The Bella Pregnancy Resource Center began with concerned citizens’ meetings in early 1985.  A steering committee was formed which researched different models, and determined the Christian Action Council’s CPC model to be the most effective.  Training was conducted in September of 1986 and the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center officially opened (under the name Northern Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center) in October 1986.  Since then the ministry has continued to grow and expand.  The office is currently located at 119 E. Grant Street in Spearfish, South Dakota.

A Unified Focus and New Names

In 1993, the Christian Action Council unified its focus.  After operating on many fronts for years, the focus was narrowed to assisting the local church in proclaiming the sanctity of human life and building the most accessible and effective abortion alternatives network ever seen.

With this new focus came a new name, Care Net, which more accurately reflects the mission and heart of our national network of care.  In concert with this change, we also changed our name in January of 1994, from Northern Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center to the Northern Hills Pregnancy Care Center (NHPCC).

A Federal Grant and a Final Name Change

In 2005 the NHPCC was awarded a three-year Community Based Abstinence Education Grant (CBAE) by the federal government.  With the grant came necessary changes.  Within a couple of months the NHPCC grew from a small volunteer organization with three part-time employees to a large organization with four full-time employees and seven part-time employees.  Because of the growth, it was determined that the NHPCC needed to function with two branches; the abstinence education branch called Stop and Think and the crisis intervention/client services branch, which adopted the new name, Bella Pregnancy Resource Center.  During this time, the organization operated under the names Bella Pregnancy Resource Center and Stop and Think.  After the CBAE grant ended in October, 2008, it was decided to change the legal name of the organization to the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center (set to take effect in the spring of 2009).  Now, rather than being a separate division, Stop and Think is once again a program of the Bella ministry.

A Medical Clinic Offering Limited Ultrasound

In 2008, Bella converted to a medical clinic offering Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound.  The medical component of Bella operates under the medical license of a local physician who volunteers his time as the Medical Director.