Ministry Goals

Bella’s overall goal is to enable women and men to make life-affirming decisions concerning their unplanned pregnancies.  This is accomplished by providing effective peer-counseling, education, emotional support, and practical help for those in unplanned pregnancies.  Bella’s heart is to meet whatever needs the client has, so she in turn can make a decision that respects the sanctity of life.

In order to achieve this objective, we have the following specific goals:

  • Increase communion with God and prayer coverage for the ministry.
  • Keep as our main priority the provision of a safe environment where abortion vulnerable women, men, and families can come to obtain valuable help and accurate information on pregnancy options that will help empower them to make life-affirming decisions.
  • Increase effective marketing to establish Bella as the first place those experiencing crisis pregnancies come to seek help and information.
  • Find innovative ways to give back to the community that has faithfully blessed Bella.
  • Build relationships with area churches, developing effective communication tools and recruiting a church liaison for each congregation.
  • Increase donor support for on-going financial sustainability.
  • Be good stewards of time, resources, and all that God has entrusted to the ministry.