Bella Services

Women hear about Bella as a result of community-wide advertising and public relations activities.  Frequently they are attracted by the offer of a free pregnancy test, ultrasound confirmation and confidential services.

Once the client comes to the center, the following process occurs:

    Woman with pregnancy test

  • A free pregnancy test is given at the center.  If the test is positive, an ultrasound confirmation is performed by a trained nurse sonographer.
  • A trained volunteer helps the client deal with the crisis by assisting her in working through her emotions and by providing good information about her options.
  • The volunteer seeks to help the client explore the alternatives, enabling her to reach a decision which respects the will of God and which recognizes the sacredness both of her own life and the life within her.
  • Life-plans are developed with the help of the volunteer to cover the duration of the client’s pregnancy and her life after giving birth.
  • Resources are marshaled to the client’s assistance, and a caring community of Christians is opened up to her.  These resources may include education on pregnancy and parenting through the Earn While You Learn program, childbirth classes, clothing and furnishings to accommodate mother and baby, information on breast feeding, referrals for adoption or foster care, referrals for medical care, legal or financial assistance, ongoing counseling and friendship.
  • Abstinence is presented to the single client in a positive way that makes sense and appeals to her.