Bella “DOs” and “DON’Ts”

The Bella Pregnancy Resource Center specifically does the following:

  1. A neutral location is provided where a woman fearing an unplanned pregnancy can come for confidential testing, a medically indicated ultrasound (resulting from a positive pregnancy test) and confidential peer-counseling.
  2. All services, including pregnancy testing and ultrasound services, are provided free of charge.
  3. Unmarried clients with negative test results are encouraged in abstinence.
  4. Clients with positive results are offered the facts about prenatal development, abortion procedures and risks, parenting, and adoption to assist them in making an informed decision regarding their pregnancies.
  5. Emotional support is offered not only to women, but also to the men and families involved in the crisis pregnancy.
  6. Education is provided on pregnancy care and parenting skills are taught through a program called Earn While You Learn.  As participants learn valuable information on responsible parenting, they earn Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars that they can redeem for practical items such as maternity clothes, adoption education, nutrition education, parenting education, baby clothing and furniture, diapers, and short-term financial help is offered as needed and requested.
  7. Referrals are given for community resources including medical care, legal assistance, and adoption.
  8. Above all, our goal is to visibly demonstrate the love of Christ for each and every client, and nurture him or her to a saving knowledge of, and living relationship with, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bella Pregnancy Resource Center specifically does NOT do the following:

  1. As an organization, we do not picket nor publicly protest abortion.
  2. Bella does not lobby for change in legislation except in cases that may directly affect our ability to carry out Bella’s mission.
  3. Bella does not endorse political candidates.
  4. Bella does not recommend, provide, nor refer women for contraceptives.
  5. Bella does not use coercion or deception in any of its dealings with clients or the public at large.