Typical Client Profile

(although there is no such thing as a typical client)

  • Is more than likely a high school or college student.
  • Is in need of financial help, at least for her current situation.
  • She is unmarried.
  • She will have a local address.
  • More than likely from a “dysfunctional” family (i.e., divorced or alcohol/substance abuse problem).
  • Has been sexually active for more than a year.
  • Has had more than one partner.
  • Did not want to be pregnant.
  • She is either aware of birth control or already using it (usually the pill or condoms).
  • She is very afraid of what her parents will think or do.
  • Does not feel that the father of the baby needs to be involved in order for her to raise this child.
  • Most do not believe that premarital sex is wrong or sinful.
  • Most claim to come from a Christian background.